I have never voted.

*hides from the shame*

I know. Back in 2016, I did not vote because like many people I didn't think that it mattered. Plus we were also in a "lesser of two evils" situation that I did not think I needed to be involved in. Still not an excuse, but this year, I can't let that happen. I am making it my mission to vote. I have already updated my registration address. I plan to vote by mail. Here is why:

Since it is my first time voting, I want to give myself plenty of time with the ballot. I want to be able to look through all of the different local legislation stuff and google anything that I may not be aware of...which would be a lot.

Also I just don't want to be in a public place around people in a pandemic. Nor do I want to be in a potentially tense environment, given that I still live in the conservative South.

All in all, I am very nervous about it but also very excited.

Here is to using my right to vote!


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