Midnight Thoughts


You know that moment when you can feel a burning passion within, but part of you is dismissing the idea of it manifesting into a reality. Well, I am there right now. It's after midnight a few days before I plan to launch this site and all I can think is, "What the f*** am I doing?"

“What the f*** am I doing?”

I hope this isn't some failed attempt at my dreams. My only real dream though, is to be happy.

So Why??

So why do all of this? Why am I not happy? Well, there are many answers to those questions, but I will only entertain the productive ones. First, happiness is not a destination. I can't arrive at happiness and live out the rest of my days soaking in its splendor. It is a process. It's a never-ending, and always changing journey. A journey that requires me to be open and honest with myself and others.

This outlet is a way for me to be my most true self. A way for me to be vulnerable. In that vulnerability, I hope to be the best equipped for this journey as possible. However, I am taking you along with me, and then maybe we can support each other.

- MD

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