Things are moving...

So...big things are happening in life. I don't want to say what they are, so I don't jinx them. However, my life is about to change significantly for the better hopefully. It is funny how this blog is really turning into a way to go back and read my journey through life. You can go back and see my lows, my highs, the nights that I was scared, days that I was anxious, and moments when I didn't want to continue. However, I am continuing.

Life is a lot like this subway car. You can be in it totally oblivious to the world passing by you. You can also be staring out of the windows watching things zoom by wanting to stop and look around. I have been guilty of both. My subway car is zooming to a destination that I don't know. Things, people, and places are zooming past and I am wondering when and where my stop will come along. However, I am doing my best to breathe and trust that wherever my stop is, the powers that be have created a life and a world with my best intention in mind. Furthermore, that I have been prepared to handle whatever challenges that I may face.

Things are moving and I will be okay.


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