Okay, so this started off as part of another post, then I got carried away....

I was talking about how a dream of mine is to have a Model D Steinway in my house. Now, to be very honest, most people have not seen one of these. Sure you may have seen or played a grand piano, but this particular one is usually only found in a symphony hall...particularly one with prominent concertos are frequented.

Like get out of my face with that baby grand. 5 feet? Keep it. I want all 9 feet of that Steinway. The ultimate flex would be to have a few of them ho*s. Just have five of them mfs sprinkled throughout the house.

A little perspective, one of those goes for $150,000...minimum. And that is probably getting a GOOD deal on one.

And just know right you can't play it, so don't ask. And if you think that is rude, ask yourself if you'd let any and everyone drive your new custom Porsche. Just saying...

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