Shoes in the house??

So I didn't just start doing this, but I just started doing this in a different application. Follow me...

During grad school, when I had long tied-to-the-desk writing sessions, I would often times wear my heels. I just started doing it one day and I noticed that it made me feel a little more confident and focused. I would do it so much that I would forget that I even had them on, until it came time for me to walk to the restroom. Then I would have to readjust my walk, especially since this was often times at 2 or 3 am...and I live on the top floor with all wood flooring. Don't want to be that neighbor clomping around in heels in the middle of the night. Anywho, now whenever I am doing something and need a little more confidence, I put the heels on. I will probably do it today to be honest.


Recently, I started to wear shoes around the house if I have a day at home. Something about it tricks my mind into being more alert and productive. Usually I only wear like tennis shoes when I leave to go somewhere, so wearing them inside makes me feel like it's "go-time." I have started to take advantage of that. Even when I am tired and really want to take a nap, the shoes will make me keep pushing to not take the nap. (I say that but I really want to take one right about now.) I am not sure how long this will be effective. I'm sure eventually my brain will stop making the association between shoes and going out to be productive. However, I think the association between no shoes and nap time is stronger. We shall see how this goes.


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