Nostalgic TV Shows

Tonight I watched some old tv shows on Disney+. I can't explain the joy that it brought me. I will say that That's So Raven held up very well. It was still...

(The previous part was written months ago...I am adding to it currently.)

BIIIIIIIITCH!!! I have been watching That's So Raven. Girl! When I say that I still am getting my entire life from these episodes, I am loving every second!


While yes most if not all of the fashion is dated, I still want some of the pieces that Raven wore. I love the femininity of it.


I have yet to notice anything truly problematic. Sure you can say that Raven is boy obsessed, however in the beginning of the show she is supposed to be 14. At 14 we are all boy obsessed and the boy we are obsessed about probably changes month to month, if not week to week.

I also love that as an adult one of my first thoughts when watching this back was the "Friends" phenomenon. What I mean is the unrealistic portrayal of socioeconomic status. So far at the end of season 1, Victor Baxter is a professional chef and Tanya is seemingly unemployed, yet they live in a very spacious multistory place in San Fransisco. I guess not impossible, but highly improbable for a 4-person family to be sustained in that house all on one salary. Just interesting.

It is also so fun to be reminded of the origins of these gifs.

Lastly...Raven an the physical comedy acting is impeccable! Truly unlike any other.

That is all. I might need to do a full on review and critique of this show.

~ Meghan

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