New Job??

So....I got a job. Well, a new job. It is in food service. Let's just say that I understand why people say that everyone should work food service once in their life. I would like to underline the sometimes present condescending tone of people that come in to get food. It's like they feel like they are better than me. However, I can't deny that I have probably been that person before. It is just interesting, and definitely problematic, that I really think about it now that I am on the other side. I have always despised people who are rude to others, especially in the service industry. Now I am more sensitive to it though.

As I was working recently, I noticed that a valuable skill that I am learning is how to truly multitask. With this also comes short-term memory skills. I am consistently having to listen to different things happening on both sides of me with my coworkers while making food and listening to the customer. I don't want to go into details because then that would possibly disclose my place of employment. While I have no shame of telling, I prefer not to in case somehow the things that I say on this blog threaten my employment.


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