New Business Thoughts

Starting a business is so exciting. Of course there are many boring things when trying to do things legally, even though it is empowering. However, I wanted to make sure that I did it the right way by choosing the name, getting the right to use that name in my home state and registering it as an LLC.

One of the most fun things is being creative when it comes to posting on social media, creating the visuals, and constructing the narrative. I am proud to say that I did it all myself. I was up on Adobe putting together my logo. I communicated with a company to get custom packaging. I put my website together. It is so empowering to dig deep and put your soul into something...especially when the finished product looks great.

However, by digging so deep, when it doesn't pay off as fast as I would like, It can be so discouraging. Full disclosure, I have only had one sale. I want to say, however, that sale was so meaningful for many reasons. The delayed pay off can really send you down a path of doubt and feeling like you failed. That is not true though. I am doing the necessary steps to create a successful business. I just have to tell myself that it does not happen overnight. Also, part of me is glad that it is taking longer because it gives me time to really map out how I want to expand. This business is WAY bigger than anyone would expect. I'll say, La Femme Noire is closer to a conglomerate in the making than a line of products. That is a big ass goal. Therefore the feelings that I am experiencing are whole necessary because it builds my drive. If I can make it past this little stuff, I can kiss the grandeur of what this will become goodbye.

~You are on your own journey. What other people are doing or getting is none of your business. Your business is to take your situation and make the best of it. Analyze, dream, workshop, endure, and WORK. I don't know about you but I want the riches that are meant for me. I don't want anyone else's because they aren't tailored to why spend my time comparing my journey to anyone else's? You've got this. You are enough. Now get to work.


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