I Moved 700 Miles: Here is what I learned.

So as the title states, I just moved over 600 miles from where I have spent the majority of my life...783 miles to be exact. The process and the journey has been intense to say the least. I learned many things willingly and out of necessity.

Get Help!

I have to say that none of this would have been possible without my family. I was lucky enough to have parents that footed the bill when it came to the logistics of moving me from point A to point B. I am so so happy they did, because that was expensive. It also relieved a lot of stress from me. When it came time to actually get my belongings packed into the moving truck, I was surprised to have all of my family there. My older brothers helped most with the heavy lifting. Whew chile am I happy about that! I lived on the third floor...with not elevator. Yeah my family is pretty dope.

Don't underestimate how much s*** you have!

When my dad and I were first discussing getting a moving truck he was thinking that an 11' foot van would be good. After seeing them in person he opted for a 10' truck. Let's just say that as I started packing and bringing things out of their hideyholes, I started to get nervous. I knew that I had a lot of stuff but I didn't realize how much I had acquired over the few years that I lived in that apartment. I also realized just how much stuff I was hanging onto from college. Not like last year of grad school, although I threw away a lot of print-outs of academic articles. I mean things from my freshman year of college 6 years prior. My natural instinct was to keep what could be used. Then I had to get real and tell myself, "If you haven't used it in 6 months then get rid of it." The only caveats were if it were something that held extreme sentimental value that couldn't be replaced or something that I would definitely use again when the right situation arises (e.g. beauty products). I made so many trips down to the dumpster after that. Which was highly necessary. On the big day, I was looking at all of my boxes wondering how the hell we would get them to fit. However, the powers that be worked a miracle and the store where my dad picked up the truck didn't have any 10' trucks left so they gave him a 15'. The way I rejoiced in hearing that news. We filled that thing UP!

Listen to your body.

This moving process seemed to move fast but also take forever. Mentally I was ready. I was in the mode to get the stuff done. I wasn't taking much time to take in the situation too much because I knew that it would be a lot for me mentally. Well honey, whatever your mind is feeling will show up in your body no many how much your repress it. First, as soon as I started my new job remotely I was sick: fever, sinus headaches, etc. I was finishing up my round of antibiotics during the move. I felt energized during the move though. My dad drove like 12 hours straight and I was hanging in there with him for the manjority of it. I think I may have slept at most 2 hours of the trip. (I'm sure he may say differently.) However, once I was moved in and my dad left, the reality set in and I had to put my life back together. My body was not having it. I really did not leave my apartment. I looked outside at my beautiful view with fear. It finally came to a head when I would sit on my couch working and could feel my blood pressure rising. At one moment I looked around and it was like I didn't even recognize where I was. I have only ever had that feeling once really after passing out. It was a total disociation where my surroundings looked foreign and all I could do was cry and try to cling to reality. I definitely had to talk myself down from anxious tizzies. However, it all made me realize that I was not processing this move and to be honest, I am still not done processing it, but I am more conscious of it.


The biggest thing I had to learn was that this was the opportunity that I had been waiting for to start over more authentically. I can't explain the amount of freedom that I have felt here. I do still get anxious, but like no one here knows me and that is freeing. I can be who I want to be. Every day I am exploring and allowing myself to be more authentic. I finally starting wearing long nails. I have done it before but like forreal now. The best part is that I do them myself. It is a form of self care and artistic expression. I am back working out. I changed my hair. I cook more. I am truly curating my new life and it is both scary and exciting.

Be patient with yourself

I had to really learn this. Every tactic that I have learned over the past few years about managing my anciety didn't apply as easily. I had to be patient with my feelings and patient with learning to navigate them. For me, that is exciting...in general. It sucks in the moment. However, I am taking the time to work on my relationship with me. I am working to make it deeper, more intimate, and more fulfilling. How amazing is that? I have to remind myself that I am on a journey through life, not to life. The emphasis is not on the destination, it is on the journey. The ups and down. The laughter and the tears. It is was makes everything so much more beautiful. That level of understanding is where the true happiness is.

Although, I learned all of these beautiful lessons, I am still learning. They are beign reiterated and leading to other. Moving is such a huge step and I realized that, but I didn't understand it. I had never moved more than 45 miles, so this was a complete shock to the system. It's rough, but nothing amazing comes without taking as much from you as possible. The delicately viscious balance of life.

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