So I first started wearing wigs in grad school. Child, what the girls on youtube and instagram don't tell you is that your first time wearing a wig is akin to your first time being high. You are hyper aware that it is happening, you have this yin-yang of euphoria and anxiety, and you are slightly paranoid that other people can tell...however, you feel too good to care too much. Going along with that same comparison, there are similar extremes, there are times when you are feeling it so good that you feel invincible. Then there are other times where you almost have a panic attack because how uncomfortable you get around others. Taking it even further (more so stretching it to its limits) like being high, having a wig on makes music so much better. You will feel the beat so much more. Except, with a wig you just spend the whole time dancing and whipping that shit around.

Now that I managed to make you all go, "MD what the f*** are you talking about?" Chil'....

I remember my first times walking outside with a wig on. She was MAYBE 14". Not long at all, but chil' I felt like I had hair down my back! Now I will say, for my first times, the installment was pretty damn good. However, I was using Got2BGlued...and it was hitting 95+ degrees by the late morning. For those who are not hip to the wig game, my wig was partially secured on my head with a water soluble hair gel while I would have to walk to and from campus and work up a sweat. So there were times were by the time I made it to campus, I had already started sweating out my install.


No wait! Y'all...tell me why...okay. The first time I wore a wig, I had it secured with combs, an elastic band, tape, and got2bglued...i.e. that thing wasn't going ANYWHERE! However, I didn't know what I was doing so my band was too tight and was pulling at the tape in front of my hairline so much that I got blisters. So my wig was literally pulling my scalp off of my head while I was already paranoid that everyone could tell. Needless to say, I was so uncomfortable on my first outing. I remember trying to be my typical funny self while not having an anxiety attack. (Of course this was also exaggerated by my social anxiety that was bombarded by suddenly having to be around hundreds of people at a time.)

However, the reason that I started writing this post is because I remembered how after rushing home each day, I would turn my A/C on full blast. Then I would listen to act like I was performing BOSS by The Carters, with a box fan standing in front of my huge bathroom mirror. So basically, I would go from worried that I was going to get clocked to at home putting on a concert like I was Beyoncé. To this day, whenever I hear, "Ain't nothing to it...real one," I smell got2bglued. Although that time was so extremely uncomfortable, I would not trade flipping my hair and performing in the mirror for anything. Something about that song, and doing that, really empowered me. I felt unstoppable. I a BOSS.


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