Beautifully Designed

Dear MD,

Dry your tears. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken. You are not damaged. You are not worthless. You are a beautifully designed being. I know this process is hard. I know there are days when you can't get out of bed. I know there are days when you feel on top of the world. One day you feel beautiful and the next you can't bring yourself to perform basic hygienic needs. You are learning the intricacies of your design. l promise that one day, it will all be worth it. I am not saying that one day everything will be perfect. I mean that at some point, the growing pains will cease. You will be able to breathe a little easier. You will have a better understanding of yourself and be better equipped to handle life's challenges. Please, don't give up though. I know you are exhausted and want to stop fighting. You have to celebrate the little things to make it through. Keep going because you never know who is watching and being inspired by your sheer will to survive. Hopefully, one day in the future other MD's won't have to experience these same growing pains. Stopping is not an option.

With Love


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