My name is MD. I identify as non-binary/transfeminine. My pronouns are they/them. While I'm sure it would be helpful to explain that, I hope that instead you will take a look around and read a few things. That will give you more insight to who I am as a person. I am currently finishing up my M.A. in Communication. I am putting all of my energy into this and YouTube, so that I may be able to do both as my job. With that being said, any monetary contribution is greatly appreciated. You can click the "Support" button below to give whatever you would like. 


You will find a few categories within this blog.

Personal - This will be my diary in a way. It will be about more deep and emotional things pertaining to life. You may be saying "same" the entire time you read, or you may not connect at all with the words. However, they will be from the most vulnerable parts of me.

My Thoughts - This is where you will get more of my MD persona. Reading these will be like listening to me talk to you as a friend. I might go on a rant about a movie or rave about a song. Thoughts may be jumbled, low-key profound, or ridiculously silly...but that is who I am.

Creative Writing - When I was a kid I used to walk around with a pen and paper because I wanted to be a writer. This is where I will attempt to show off my creative writing chops...and fail hilariously. 

If you are searching for perfection, you have come to the wrong place. I will give truth and honesty, and it may be ugly at times. I hope you stay around for a while though. 

With Love,